Review from the website of Il Gambero Rosso (weekly suggestions page) "If you have tasted an exceptional caprino in a place that concentrates on quality and the choice of products, or purchased from a shop specialized in selected quality products, almost surely that caprino bears the signature of Il Boscasso, young firm located in the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese. Not at all handed-down from generation to generation.
Maria Chiara Onida and Aldo Galbiati created Il Boscasso from nothing, in 1988, to follow their instinct of living in nature making a life and workstyle choice. Thus was born the goat farm – 50 heads of the Alpine chamois breed – and the formidable production of caprini.
At a distance of almost 15 years their natural choice has won out. The goats are fed hay, pasture grass and a mix of prime ingredients integrated with minerals and vitamins. The reproduction cycle is respected, with insemination late summer and birthing in January and February, which means that the production cycle and transformation of the milk is interrupted from mid-November to late January.
The caprini are produced entirely by hand with raw milk and natural rennet. The production phases, from harvesting the hay to the raising of the goats, from production to marketing of the products, are all followed even today on a personal family level. In the meantime the little packets of Boscasso caprini have been enriched and promise different varieties depending on the season. From May we find fresh goat cheeses: from aromatic herbed types to the creamy “latte in piedi”, the day’s rennet to be tasted as a dessert with jam or accompanied by a salad.
In the summer the goat cheeses with walnut leaves soaked in nocino step into the production line, in the autumn the herbed ones are available, in chestnut leaves bathed in grappa as well as goat milk cream (caprineve). In the winter the aged caprini are ready: the “heart” flavored with truffle, the “square” with blue veining, the “piramide” with a bloomed rind because they are aged with Pennicillium Album, the natural tomini, to which fennel seed is added, or green peppercorn or mixed herbs, the simple logs, and those with carbon, the wonderful goat brick with creamy paste and exquisite flavor. From April to October, on the weekend and
only by reservation, tastings at the farm, in a specially equipped hall, with cheeses paired with the typical local wines. For a weekend, a holiday or a thoughtful visit, there is an apartment for five persons built in an old farmhouse and furnished with old country furniture.

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