We will participate on the following list of markets and fairs:
Mercato della Terra in via Procaccini 4 a Milano ore 9.00-14.00: 17/10, 7/11, 21/11, 5/12, 19/12.
On 7th of november we will offer in collaboration with the baker Antonio Molinelli from Rovescala and the wine maker Barbara Avellino an appetizer and tasting of "Pancaprino", which is a salted "panettone" baked by Antonio with our cheese, in three variations: simple, with dried cherry tomatoes, and the last one, with pears and walnuts. The "panettone" with "caprino" (goat cheese) will be coupled to a Barbara's "Metodo Classico" and to a red wine of her own production. All producers will be present, also will be Teresio Nardi, a trustee from Slowfood dell'Oltrepò Pavese.

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