Alpine Chamois

Originally from Switzerland, this species is quite widespread in many European countries (especially France and Germany), as well as outside the EU. In Italy it is mainly found in the Alpine areas, especially in Piemonte and Trentino-Alto Adige.
The Genealogical Breed Book was activated in Italy in 1973. The breed takes its name from the similarity of its mane to the colour of a leather chamois. It is one of the seven goat breeds officially recognized in Switzerland (Appenzel, Camosciata delle Alpi, Saanen, Grigionese strisciata, Toggenburg, Vallesana, Verzaschese). Frugal in its feeding, robust and strong, it adapts to the most varied of situations. Good-natured, sweet and affectionate. Excellent milk producer.

Morphologic and Productive Qualities

Size: medium-large.
Head: relatively small, light and fine, male beards.
Ears: long, slanted forward, never hanging.
Body: ample chest and abdomen, pointed breasts and well-developed nipples.
Coat: tawny with shadings, short hair, with swirling stripes. Extremities and hoofs black, characteristic facial mask.
Hair: thin, pigmented in black, tongue, palate and orifices naturally dark.
Shoulder Height: Males to up 86 cm. – Females up to 74 cm.
Average weight: Males up to 100 kg. - Females up to 70
Average Milk Production: first pregnancy 324 liters – after the first pregnancy 507 liters.
Fertility: 95%
Average kid weight at birth 3,5 kg, at 60 days 12,5 kg.

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