Fresh Caprino Goat Cheese

Type – spreadable with lactic coagulation
Ageing – Fresh product
Available – all year

Shape and Characteristics -Pieces weighing approx. 220 gms
-Conical log form
-White surface
-White spreadable paste
-Cheese to be consumed fresh within approx. two weeks or slightly aged in four weeks
-Raw goat milk
Mesophilic lactic culture
-Liquid calf rennet
Organoleptic qualities and use
This cheese is produced with lactic rennet (that is, using a minimum quantity of rennet in the milk to which fermented milk starter produced by us has
been added, coagulated at 20°C for approx. 22 hours).
It is left to drip through cloth, mixed with fine salt and put into conical log forms, to give it its shape but also to remove the residual whey.
The paste is spreadable, slightly acidic and very aromatic, which results from the milk enzymes that enrich it.
It is also available in a variant with fresh aromatic herbs from our seasonal production.
The cheese must be refrigerated in plastic wrap and consumed at room temperature, taking care to remove it from the refrigerator at least half an hour
before serving.
It can be used in many ways:
Paired with cooked or raw vegetables, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, onion, etc.
Mixed with oil and used as a sauce for pasta
Added to eggs, parmesan cheese and vegetables to prepare oven baked omelets
Used to flavor fillings for zucchini, bell peppers, etc.
Used as filling for ravioli or crepes, with various cooked vegetables (eggplant, artichoke, garden greens…)
Added to rice dishes, at the end of cooking, a recipe especially suitable for the slightly aged version.
Used as sauce for cheese gnocchi

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