The farm has a 300 sq.m. stable that we are gradually enlarging as the number of goats increases.
The structure is built completely in wood with a central feeding trough. The doelings being breed for the first time are kept separated from those who have already had pregnancies,
to avoid conflicts within the herd.
Within the stable is a raised milking room with 12 positions and 6 milking groups.


The farm has a CE certified cheese factory, divided in two areas: one for milk processing and one for the Rennet-casein.
The cheese production is done once daily using the milk from the two preceding milkings.
The milk from the evening milking is kept at 12-13°C with the addition of a milk starter culture produced by us, then mixed with milk from the previous morning’s milking, before
being worked.
The quantity of cheese producing milk is quite high, so we decided to divide the two work processes (lactic and rennet) in different areas and work them on alternating days.


We truly believe in the spirit of real farm-tourism, and are convinced that every product is best when tasted where it is produced. As a result, some years ago we set up a cheese
tasting room open Saturdays and Sundays from April to November, the period when the entire range of our cheeses is available.
We have also set up a professional kitchen that lets us prepare an entire meal with recipes incorporating goat’s cheeses.

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