About us

The "Il Boscasso" goat farm is located at an altitude of 600m above sea level in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese hills, where the vineyards thin out leaving way to pastureland, fields
planted with wheat and alfalfa, and woods thick with broad-leaved trees.
The farm was founded in 1988 when Maria Chiara Onida and Aldo Galbiati made a crucial life-choice and turned their desire to live in contact with nature into a reality: raising goats
for their milk, and producing cheeses by following rigid quality criteria, guided by their passion and inspiration.
This led to running the business on a first-hand and family level, closely following all the production phases: harvesting the hay, raising the goats and kids, producing the cheeses and
marketing them.
In December 2009 Aldo left the firm and it is now run by Maria Chiara and her son Nicola, who have also created within Boscasso a gardening activity which they are developing with
passion and professionalism.
At the moment there are 60 goats in lactation, 16 does breeding for the first time, and 3 bucks.
The breed "Chamois of the Alpes" was specifically chosen for its high productivity as well as its pliancy and quality milk.

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